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Originally Posted by ditto1958 View Post
Like a previous poster, I thought I was the world's worst handgun shooter. My S&W SD9 is a really nice gun, but like the Sigma, it has a terrible trigger. I could stand 10 feet away from something, take careful aim at it, shoot, and have no idea where my shot went. Certainly not at my target.

Last week when I took my new G23 out for the first time, I could not believe how much easier it was to shoot. I almost had to try to miss.
Okay, so I really like my Glock, but I didn't really answer the original question. What made me want one in the first place?

In no particular order:

Reputation-for reliability and durability
Law enforcement use-for over 20 years, almost every law enforcement officer I see has a Glock on his/her hip
Looks-seriously, I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but they just look nice to me. Like a Mercedes, or BMW. Form follows function, but it still looks really good to me
YouTube- Hickok45, Armory Channel, Military Arms Channel...
In person impression- how they looked and felt when I picked them up in stores
Price- very fair price for the quality

Why "pull the trigger" on buying one when I did? To be honest, because when I saw mine in the store a couple of months ago, I realized it could be awhile before I would ever be able to get a NIB one any time soon. The stores around here in Feb. 2013 now have no Glocks available of any kind.
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