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Glock bandwagon

It was in the early 80's and a gun nut buddy of mine was talking up this new pistol called "Glock." At the time I was a young police officer as was my buddy, and we both had a strong interest in combat-type handguns.

It just so happened that my friend was very familiar with a firearms dealer that was one of the first major distributor's of glock handguns on the east coast, if not the entire country.

This particular dealer was mainly one that sold law enforcement products and firearms geared towards cops and special units such as tactical teams. Lo and behold, he just happened to have in stock a brand spanking' new shipment of glock 17's, of course these were the 1st generation models. I bought one without question and never looked back.

I was utterly amazed at the lightness of this particular handgun, how accurate it was and better yet the capacity it possessed which of course translated into firepower. It's simplicity was something that to me is still a feat of engineering that came from the mind of a true innovator, maybe even a genius although that's a pretty strong word to use.

At first people looked at this thing like it was some sort of piece of plastic junk, but little did anyone realize at the time the potential that this item had. It has now taken over the law enforcement market for some time even though S&W along with other gun companies have fielded their own "polymer" weapons.

I will admit that there are a lot of other great similar handguns out there, but at this point I own 8 glock and have no regrets whatsoever. It's probably still the easiest semi-auto to maintain and parts availability are second to none.

Let's just all hope that this so-called high capacity magazine law doesn't come into being. This would negate some of the benefits of this truly remarkable handgun...
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