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Well.... I guess for me it was in 2006 and 2011. Having been both military & law enforcement, I've always been a M9/92 Berretta guy. Obviously the Beretta is the standard US military sidearm & it also happened to be the sidearm that was issued when I was a cop. I was always one of those guys who said "I'll never own a PLASTIC gun". Well, in 2006 I went to the range with my neighbor and fired one of his Glocks... needless to say... I was hooked! Loved it! However, I just held on to my old Ruger P85... and in 2011 bought a Taurus PT709 for concealed carry. The Ruger was built like a tank and deadly accurate, but too big & heavy... after only one trip to the range with the Taurus I hated it. In mid 2011, Bud's Gun Shop online had 2nd Gen G22 police trade-ins for + 3 mags for $369. I jumped on it and bought one. Instantly fell in love with it. About a year ago I wound up going to the LGS and traded the old Ruger & the POS Taurus PT709 for an NIB 3rd Gen G26 for my concealed carry. So here I am... a faithful Glock shooter with 2 in my inventory as well as a 40-9 conversion barrel for the G22 & a few other OEM & after-market accessories. I wish I would have taken the plunge years earlier.
G22 (2nd Gen)
G26 (3rd Gen)

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