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Originally Posted by 500WE View Post
I'm sending one back again this week on an RMA that is only 300 off from yours. It was returned from a previous RMA in October for the same problem with the same "Replaced electric and RTV0734" comment. We shall see - Love the sight - not fond of the demonstrated reliability factor.
This is why I tell everyone that the Adjustable LED RMR isn't ready for showtime just yet; no issues with my 5 different RM05 Dual-Illuminated RMRs.

Have yet to read or hear of a problem with the Dual-Illums, either.

The only LED RMR that is really reliable, is the non-adjustable RM02.

Of course, the carbine-class commandos on M4C and elsewhere seem to think the Dual-Illuminated model is crap due to the limited washout issues, and that the Adjustable LED version is the best thing ever created......despite the fact that people are having to send them back 1, 2, even 3 times. Go figure.
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