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Dumped Comcast a few months ago. Got tired of the yearly price increases. Was paying $78 a month for thier digital starter service. So long as you have an internet connection there are many alternatives. Many of the shows that are on broadcast networks are now available for streaming either through Hulu/Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, or from the content provider's website. The use of an OTA antenna may be hit or miss depending on your location.

When I looked at what I watched I realized I could watch 95% of the Commcast content on my Roku (with Hulu Plus and Netflix subscription). The bad thing is OTA in my area only yields a few channels (not CBS, NBC or Fox). I found that the only thing I miss with Comcast is live news from Fox News and some live sporting events. Once I added a media server (Plex Media Server) that was compatible with my Roku things got even better. With the Plex server and the use of several channel apps on it, I am debating dropping the Hulu Plus subscription.

Am now looking into possibly adding a RaspberryPI with XBMC to the mix.
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