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In all things, balance is necessary. Having $100,000 in the bank and not having a generator, or a case of water or a couple cords of wood (if you live in a house) is nuts.

Having a house full of MREs, guns, ammo, navigational tools, ATVs/etc and not having any currency is likewise foolish.

Until society completely disassociates, currency will always be valuable, and the need for projecting (or using) force will also be an asset. In my near 1/2 century on earth I have not seen anything resembling the "Thunderdome" or "Book of Eli".

I don't have any gold in my portfolio for SHTF. I have it on my finger and on my wife's finger to symbolize our union.

The only silver we have are a couple of bullets and arrowheads - you know, for the werewolfs.
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