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I've made money with Gold and Silver.
I've lost money with stocks.
I made the most money with land. (actually the best money was made through dumb ass luck because they finally found natural gas around here)

I have nothing to do with stocks anymore.

In my lifetime paper money has done nothing but become worth less and less and less.

If I NEED Gold and Silver I figure I'll need food, water, clothes, shelter, ammunition and guns a lot more.
Don't think someone is going to trade their food or ammo for a useless metal.
I may trade a sack of corn for a gallon of gas.

My guess is if the S does HTF city people will be shooting each other for a gallon of water inside three weeks. People won't be trading their stuff for useless Gold, Silver or worthless paper money.

If you don't have at least a years worth of ammo and food put up all the time, forget about stocking Gold or Silver, it won't do a thing for you.


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