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Originally Posted by Lord View Post
and this test was done with professional shooters in a controlled environment.
Forgive me if I take the results with a grain of salt as most CHL/CCW holders (while not all) don't go to the range and shoot and drill as frequently as the pro's do... therefore the chambered vs non-chambered results would be WAY different in a real world scenario where tensions are high, and adrenaline creates a river of chaos and possibilities.

The best thing to do, is TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN.
I carry C1, and the only thing I would have to do is thumb the safety in order to fire if I have to... which would not detract time from since I thumb as I draw.

It's a good test, gathers good data, but it's really hard to reconcile with real-world.
These were all recreational shooters. Some train harder than others but most are your everyday gun enthusiasts.

These times were gathered under optimal conditions. With the only stress being the timer and competition.

In real life I would expect things to get worse.
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