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Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
Is that like a job for you? I mean that's a lot of hours each week. You could get a job using those hours, take that money buy a overpriced AR on the second hand market and still come out ahead on time I think. Plus a lot less waiting!

Unless of course you are buying for the direct intent of resale for profit, and of course that is not exactly something I would be broadcasting on the internet.
This is day 11. I'm the only one who waits on these and doesn't resale them, trust me this lack of supply is caused by the gougers waiting hours for the shipment. The government is trying to take these away so I will sit here everyday until I get the Colt le6920. Been looking over a month. All last week I would start at Academy's around 4am and I would still get beat at some of them by the gougers waiting at 3am or 2am but they didn't seem to get the Colt in. Only came across 2 AR's this whole time but they wherent the one I wanted. Went to a different Walmart Tues and they said they had the Colt le6920, I was so happy but it was the SOCOM model that costs $400 extra for upgrades I don't want that make it a lot heavier. I've easily put over 80 hours in trying to find it for normal price I can't just give up after putting that much time in!
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