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Originally Posted by burttrans View Post
Hey thanks Nick I did know about Sportsmans but the couple of Saturdays I tried I did not want to hang out for hours. My brother-in-law did get one at Sportsmans. I have a couple of AR's anyway but wanted to get a Colt 6920 and just missed out on a Colt at WalMart in Ankeny and Altoona. Altoona had a Colt and before I could get there it was gone.
I actually planned since last summer to buy an m&p 15t around new years. It would have been my first ar. Then all this happened and my plan went to hell. I checked all three wal marts in central iowa that carries guns at the end of december and thats when i realized how grim the situation was. Then one sunday back in january i got a wild hair to be at sportsmans when they opened. Ill be dammed if i was number 10 in line and ended up getting a bushmaster carbon 15! I did the same thing a couple weeks later to get one for my fiance. I ended up with another one! Then i decided these cheapo carbon 15s werent what i wanted after doing a bit more research so i sold them both and am now building my own higher end unit built to be exactly what i want. Almost there! Just need a bcg charging handle and upper small parts kit! I was going to keep checking sportsmans in the hopes of scoring a sig ar also but i think too many people have caught on. I gave up on that a few weeks ago when all the ars were being sold to people that sat around there all day saturday.

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