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Get to know someone who reloads or take it up yourself and arrange for some low velocity rounds. The minimum recoil and noise will make shooting her favorite 19 something she'll be eager to do.

Ideally loads at the bottom of the velocity chart and get comfortable with those.

I suggest she disregard grouping to any degree. Stand off 5 yards with you loading her mags and let her have at it fire the gun with the goal to empty the mag and have another ready for her to load and take off again. It wont be long she wont pay a bit of attention to noise or recoil and her groups with naturally improve. Take 500 rounds to the range and shoot them all. (reloads with the near squib charges) By the time she finishes the 500 she'll want to shoot something with a little more bite to it.

My wife had the same frame of mind about guns and its how I helped her realize the boom don't bite and that recoil is insignificant.

I reload so it was easy to keep it affordable. We shoot in the back yard (we're very rural) I sat with a pail of rounds between my legs and load her mags and she would drop the mag for me and I'd had another on the bench for her to pick up and go at it. No waiting. Every couple hundred rounds she'd go pee and I 'd swab the barrel and she'd bring a fresh pitcher of sweet tea and we would begin another session, if she wanted, usually we'd go for 500 rds.

In 4 or so 1-2 hour sessions she was putting every round in 4". She goes out now and is shooting at 15-20 yds and has no trouble. She's shooting heavier loads now and has no issues with it at all.

Tell her to relax about the CC stuff take the class when she's pumped with confidence. She doesn't need to pack until then and the stress is bad for her shooting experience in every respect. (I know how that suggestion sounds, sorry)

If your in TX Id find a spot out in the national forest or desert somewhere and make it your private range away from everyone.

Do yourself a big favor learn how to roll your own. Its the next step to really taking control of the whole shooting thing. My wife shoots my 34 and I cast our bullets and use the KKM barrel for plinking lead. It became second nature for her in a matter of a few months.

She really likes shooting my Detective Special which is her carry gun I guess I should say her D.S . it was her choice for her class.

AND if I havent said enough she now reloads 9mm and .38 special and I LIKE THAT!
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