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Originally Posted by FloorPoor View Post
It's the same barrel with the Austrian proof marks and same date code it had before. They just polished it up a bit and removed one sharp corner. They also polished the parkerizing on the barrel (pre tenifer) The places they milled are bare metal.

I put a few rounds through it on Saturday. It shoots pretty good, although I prefer a gen3 grip.
Huh! Learn something new daily! I know Smyrna has machining equipment to make the US-produced Glocks, but I didn't think they'd either interrupt production to do these kinds of jobs or have a machine dedicated to repairs/updates...

As far as the finish - there's no "pre-tennifer". All Glocks have always had the tennifer (or melonite, as it's called in the US) finish. It's not visible-it's a treatment that surface-hardens the steel. The "finish" most of us think of is a grey-to-black (depending on what era the Glock was made) phosphate coating applied after the tennifer.

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