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It is funny, sitting through a class, and watching everyone in the class. (not being creepy, just paying attention to body language and facial expressions) Watching the pure impatience and the inconvenience in their posturing. Rolling eyes when some one asks a question. The over confident tone and head shaking because they have been there before. They have had their bragging badge for the last 5 years. Experts.

Go out and hit your 3, 7 and 10. And low and behold huge issues on the range.

One lady has not seen the pistol in 5 years, had no clue how to rack the pistol. Brought the wrong ammo.....(impatient and inconvenienced)

One guy has never cleaned nor fired it in 5 years, yet carries it every day he proudly stated. It was so dirty it would not even rack. It was full of lint, crap and whatever else crawled in there we really did not want to know...The instructor had to break it down and clean it for him. (Bragging badge guy..)

Another person spread his shots from his target to the next shooters target next to him.(class expert)

I know everyone has a life, and life gets busy. I do understand. But how can someone take the responsibility to carry a weapon...and not keep up the skill sets?

I must be living the easy life cuz I hit the range at least twice a week. Some times I get lucky and twice a month I get a pass for being a good boy and get to spend 4 hours at the range..

I go through in an hour period, 100 to 200 rounds with out RAPID spewing. Depending on my drill.

Yet I have 6 kids, Scouts, work 10 to 12 hours a day. Golf on the weekends, bought a new house( fixing/upgrading stuff) and any other thing that pops up with the honey do list..

I certainly must be living the Life of Riley.
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