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Originally Posted by kirbinster View Post
I am having some of the same problems as your wife. I know it is an anticipation thing that is causing me to tighten my grip and flinch.
I will pm you a link to the US Army Marksmanship Manual. Read the first three chapter (actually its all a great read). Something important in your post that caught my eye.

When your grip tightens your "grabbing" and creating a "choking grasp" and you flinch

How does this fit in with the problem of the flinch? There is an interaction with gripping that keys the brain to flinch. Part of over coming the flinch reaction is to over come the tightening of the grip reflex when you fire. Which comes first doesn't matter when you over come one you will overcome the other. What I have seen work with a number of shooters is simple.

"The pistol should be held by being gripped
normally, not by a choking grasp that endeavors to press on the stock in an all enveloping
grab." from Chapter one Section C. Grip (sub g)

So how does the grip help overcome the flinch. The manual is specific about the tightness of the grip. concentrate hard on your effort in maintaining an ALMOST choking grip, near trembling. You should grip tight enough to make you want the shot to be gone, not to be confused with rushing the shot.

If you tighten your grip after or as you fire the shot your not gripping tight enough to begin with. Your thinking about the wrong thing. Its very important that you almost choke it. When I finish a ten round string my hand hurts from the tightness and there is no thought to the rounds going off. Your mind is on sight control, gripping tight enough to just avoid the tremble, your hand will hurt just a little and no time for thought about recoil or noise. If your not thinking about it you wont do it (flinch).

Get the slack out of the trigger immediately no slow squeezing get the travel to the point you know will trigger the shot and make it. No dogging around. Get rid of the slack and get rid of the shot and take the next one with a very firm grip.

Big gun or little gun if your flinching your heads not in it. Think (concentrate) about control of your gun and the front sight with authority in how you hold the gun getting it right with your hand with authority .

The Manual goes into great detail about getting things right with your hand and the gun.

When in your mind you are in control you wont flinch. Let it start with how you hold your gun. You want to look forward to the next round and not concern yourself with the negative emotions that can take control, it makes you jerk or feel like a jerk.

PM coming
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