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Originally Posted by cfrye11 View Post
Here is my advise . Get out of the range. Find a place where its safe and legal to shoot and you can have some fun.

Shoot some cans and other random targets . Fill them with water and letter rip. Try finding another lady for her to shoot with.

I find the range alone can make you nervous .

molan labe
Yes great advice Ive dont like the range atmosphere everyone there want to help.
Get out with your hubby or a girl friend is a great idea and "kick the can down the road" it gets your head right. Lose the range if at all possible. You relax and have fun and concentrate on the tight grip.
I know my hens are good Republicans, they cackle after they lay their egg. I do have a young pullet that leans a little left. I can tell because of her cackling before she lays her egg.

That will change after a good "roostering".
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