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Originally Posted by GunHo198 View Post
94 Jeep Wrangler
4" Procomp Lift, 3" body lift, 35" BFG Tires, Ford 9" Rearend with NASCAR Detroit Locker, Super 30 Front with ARB, Onboard Air, Dual Optima Batteries,Warn M8274 Winch, and Bushwacker Fender Flares. And a whole bunch of stuff I'm not taking the time to list.

Bought it new in 1994, and after 19 years I've replaced every damn thing on it. Just replaced the 19 year old headlight switch last week. I've gotten some parts from newer Jeeps. Review mirror is from a Cadillac and has Temp and compass. Fuel injectors are from a Lincoln Navigator. Rear end is from a 1978 Mercury Couger. On board Air compressor is an A/C compressor from a Volvo.
Wow, that is beautiful!! I've got a TJ & a JK, maybe it's time to add a YJ to my list (After some more guns of course)

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The other night there was a loud argument in the hall outside my apartment while I was trying to sleep. I went out and told them they better leave or I was gonna use some Kung-Fu... THAT scared them off...

Plus I was totally nekkid and holding a gun.
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