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Originally Posted by DustyJacket View Post
One thing is performance bonuses for exceeding a certain number of units per week, but in your case it could be for exceeding a certain number of hours per week/month.

My wife does medical transcription. The offshoring of these jobs has dropped the rate inside the USA by 40%. The get paid an extra 1/2 cent per line, if they exceed 1,200 lines a day. That is there performance bonus.

So, you could offer a perfomance bonus when their weekly or monthly hours exceed some number. If they exceed that number you can pay them an extra 50-cents an hour. Maybe even a whole dollar.
In your situation, tell upper management to pony up for reinforcing good behavior. Just had an hourly employee complain about not getting a free pizza on the company once in a blue moon.

As an in-house employment law attorney has been counseling manager for 20 years, coming down hard only works when pay is good and good employers are hard to come by. If you can't play the "you can be replaced" card, being nice is your only option.

NOW WHAT I'VE DONE dealing with long term city government union employees. Nothing gets performance popping than a good ole fashioned public hanging for the worst of the worst. Document their outrageous attendance and fire them. Does tighten up the ship. THEN give out lollipops to the team to let them know the door swings both ways.
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