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Thank you for saving the life of a living thing. You have done a wonderful thing.
It has its own rewards, Janice. Every day, this little girl shows us that we did the right thing. She's playful and affectionate...and wicked smart. Whenever one of the other dogs here bristles up or snarls at her...she either retreats or clowns her way through it.

You'd have to work hard to get this dog to bite.

I've been involved in rescue for some 32 years...deep for 20, and up to my neck for the last 12. I've gone into crawl spaces, under mobile homes and vechicles and into culverts to bring out scared and injured dogs. I've got bite scars on both arms from the wrists to the elbows. I've been tagged by just about any breed...mixed breed...and Heinz 57 that you can name...and I've never been bitten by a Pitbull. Never.

One in particular left an impression on me...a young female that had been hit by a car and dragged herself under a pickup truck with both back legs broken and her hips crushed. She screamed and licked my hands all the way, but she never offered to bite.

Obviously neglected and probably abused, I held her head while the vet put her down so she'd know a gentle hand on her if only for a short time. That was 20 years ago, and I still think about her almost every day.
The 1911? Well...It ain't exactly a Swiss watch.

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