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Originally Posted by GunHo198 View Post
As much money as I've put into it since 1994, my boat exceeded it really quick. If I don't take my boat out more than 3 times this year it's getting sold next year! LOL[/URL]
Gotta say GunHo, I'm a bit envious of your YJ too. Most Jeep purists have written off the Square Eyes.
p.s. I have a motorcycle that is about to suffer the same fate as your boat. And, for the same reason.

I've had Jeeps most of my life. In the '70s, my brother and I started with a '68 Jeepster Commando. That old Jeep caught Hades I tell ya. She climbed mountains, to the point that we had to do three hour switchbacks using a couple of come-alongs, rope and strong trees. No real off-road gear available in those days.

Since then, I've had CJs, a 5 and a '48 Willys with a top speed of 51 mph but, would climb a tree! Uglies (remember them?) were the tires to have in those days, and the '48 did. There has been a Wagoneer and two Cherokees. I currently own a '93, mostly bone stock, Square Eye.

Nice Jeeps everyone! This thread relives memories, thanks.

eta: some seem to like the coils. I'm a Jeep, old school, leaf man. Just can't get used to those girlie coil suspensions! j/k, no flames please.
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