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Originally Posted by Jake Starr View Post
There is much truth in this statement. Apart from competition or personal preference, there are other reasons to teach C3 carry that many here may not encounter. As a training manager, I am also one of the few in our area that is certified to teach Armed Security guards in our region. There are Security companies that MANDATE that their guards carry pistols in C3. So guess what, I have to teach them how to be effective while carrying in C3. While many here may not like the idea, C3 carry is more common than most can imagine.
Well then it is not because the carrier WANTED to carry C3, but because they are TOLD to pack it chamber empty (as most of the U.S. Military is.) This is an administrative judgement only. They perceive the guards as scarecrows to ward off would-be robbers and are not interested in what would happen in a surprise robbery.

John Farnam as railed against the military's C3 policy for years and many of his students, who are in Afghanistan, say at the front they ignore the order and just carry their M9s under their BDUs, fully loaded.

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