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Originally Posted by kirbinster View Post
Tom - thanks for the advice and the link. As far as "Getting out" well that is not possible as I live the People's Republic of New Jersey where if you fire a gun outside of a range you get the death penalty - twice :(
I did a 6 month contract job in Mahwah and fell in love with NJ, the food was to die for, I went fly fishing on the weekends, the people were so nice, I visited a sporting goods store not far from the Hotel mostly to discuss areas to trout fish which finally led to the subject of guns................ What a shame. How could a place so good at pasta be so off their noodle.
I know my hens are good Republicans, they cackle after they lay their egg. I do have a young pullet that leans a little left. I can tell because of her cackling before she lays her egg.

That will change after a good "roostering".
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