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A guiderod is a sleeve to keep the recoil spring from kinking. Just that. There is no need for some sort of repeatable lockup up at the front. There is no need for lock up at the rear either.

There is a lot of play at the front of the guide.

There is a lot of play at the rear of the guide.

It's just a sleeve. So that the recoil spring doesn't buck sideways out of the dustcover.

Thats why its plastic on most new guns. I always chuckle when people ask if a metal onobtainium titanium guiderod wil make their gun more accurate. Its a sleeve for a coil spring, for gods sake.

Furthermore, with most tilt barrel lockup ups, the recoil spring guide also moves up and down as the gun cycles. And there is nothing to return it to some sort of repeatable locked position.

Yet we seem to think that we can substitute this rudimentary coil spring sleeve with a precision laser device, more over, a laser device that we cannot adjust in any way.

Disappointment usually ensues. Except for the occasional poster who's happy "that the laser is spot on at 4 yards!!!!!!"
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