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Originally Posted by cciman View Post
This is the topic and question from hell.

If you are unlucky enough to enter the Nether Realm when you succumb, there will be a hapless soul coming to you every few hours to ask one of the following questions:

What is the best gun lube?
How does one get the best, and lightest, trigger on a Glock?
What is tenifer finish, and why is the there holster wear on my Glock?
What's the best oil to use on a Glock?
Can/should I do something about/with the copper colored grease?
I put on or did this thing to my GlocK--so why does it now perform weird?
How long will my Glock last?
How do i make my trigger feel like a 1911?
Can Mickey Mouse beat Superman?
Is Tom Cruise GAY?
Is Tom Cruise gay?
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