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Originally Posted by Neogeo View Post
I'm new to this site and to the Glock World...But Yeahhh I finally dove in and I love my Glocks...Anyways I looked thru the list of Frame S/N's and didnt see mine...It has RMU*** on the data plate.. I bought it on line, but cannot remember what it is or what will fit it, as in slides. I have even contacted Glock but no reply. If anyone can tell me about this frame I would appreciate it . Ohhh and it also has SF on the right side of the frame. I think it is a Glock 21, sincethats the only model I have seen with that designation...

Currently own...
Glock 20C
Glock 36
Glock 20 frame with 50GI kit

Looking to add Glock 19 to the family..
Did you buy just the frame?
It could be a G20,21,29 or 30. Possibly more SF frames I don't know.
Compare it to your G20, the G20 & G21 frames are the same. If it is smaller I would guess a 29 or 30.
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