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Originally Posted by drsjr1969 View Post
Hey, thanks for posting about my info and linking my video.

I wish more people would get the 10mm info out there to get people to see what there missing.

Most under rated cartridge out there.

"10mm ammo" find this page on Facebook

I agree.......after watching your entire series of 10MM speeds and the Mech Tech Videos I am now an owner of a Mech Tech 10MM CCU.!

Wow, this thing is quality and the barrel appears incredibably strong. I haven't shot it yet, working tonight on the Bullet Button. (stupid Kalifornistan). Since I already own 5 Glocks in 10MM including my Longslide I have plenty of FRAMES. Including 3 G21s if need be. I'am going to install an old MILLET red-dot that I had on a 9X25 GLOCK a while back. It's cheap but worked fine for my eyes.

For you Kalifornia people, I am considering going 'featureless' so I can use my normal capacity (called High Capacity by the State) magazines. Otherwise I am restricted to 10 round mags with the bullet button.

This would require I install a 'wall' behind the grip so it's not a pistol grip anymore. Just thinking about it, nothing firmed up yet.

Be well............Bob
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