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Originally Posted by m2hmghb View Post
From what I recall it wasn't Stoner that created the issues, it was the military and the whizz kids. There were cases of using the wrong powder that didn't burn properly, cases that weren't annealed properly, and heck when it was introduced they didnt even have cleaning kits for them. Stoner designed his weapon and it was fine in use with the Special Forces who take good care of their weapons.
This is true, but, the gun still had all sorts of actual design issues that we all needed to learn to get around. So, now we have the newer hybrid designs that are much better and more reliable. That's just the evolution of design, though... just like going from the M1 Garand to the M14 to the Mini-14... and that's ok. But the M14, to this day, is still a much more robust, simple, and reliable, design... although not as light, etc.

One fun little comparison test is to do is to ask yourself; 'If i was going to go into BF Egypt for a month with only what i can carry, what gun parts and tools to i need to bring with me to keep my gun functioning perfectly?' All of a sudden you start considering taking an M14, AK, or some other reliable gun with you... hahaha...
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