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You have to be sitting on your email while logged in at MidwayUSA to have a chance there. Many are still buying even though they have enough (I am doing the same). The difference is that I grab opportunities that come up; I do not fret and wait in lines.

We are seeing how the reality on the ground differs dramatically from the propaganda machine of the political left. People are speaking loud and clear with their purchases; specially crafting polls, creating fake grass roots movements and doctoring statistics does not hide the fact that the left is on the wrong side.

Back to the magazines: I purchase what is available at good prices. Often, I have not bought the gun yet, but I get the magazines just in case. It is the same with ammo. Though I focus on key items, I take advantage of the opportunities that are there. It is sort of like a lesson for life. Too often we look for that "perfect something" and ignore the "good enough," ending out with nothing at all.
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