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Lord have Mercy!!!

These Saiga's are HOT! I've never shot one but I have handled a couple of stock models off the shelf and thought they would be a lot of fun. These custom versions are just unbelievable. I would love to have some trigger time with these babies.

I'm guessing these would go for $1500 or more, wouldn't they? Especially the ones with short Barrels that require the tax stamp. How well do they work with the budget Wally World BOX shotgun shells everyone likes to use?

The only thing is that I would want to hunt hogs with whatever shotgun I get. Some of these wouldn't be capable of that unless you were right up on them. So can you all tell me how accurate some of these builds are with slugs out to 75 or 100 yards or so? Or should I just forget that idea and just get a Saiga and trick it out knowing it is going to be a single use firearm for HD? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Thanks for the awesome pics guys.

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