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Match Turnout / Ammo supply

Originally Posted by 9mmdude View Post
I spoke with one of the guys from the Griffin Club and they were expecting more numbers. The growth exhibited last year will not continue if the ammo shortage exists.

I spoke with two different shooters at Prospect Hills who said they brought .40 calibre Glocks because that was the only thing they could find ammo for.
Don't remember if you and I talked or not, but I am from Griffin GC as well and we had a major State Steel Challenge Match the first weekend of March and then two weeks later the GSSF Match. My first hand conversations with shooters fell into two categories:
1. The more casual shooter who depends on "cheap retail" ammo, was affected. Either they didn't shoot(most likely) or they only entered one division.
2. The seasoned shooter, who also travels to matches away from their home, tended to shoot but shot fewer divisions than usual so they could budget their ammo for future matches.

This was the case for both of these matches.

Time will tell, but for the seasoned shooters at matches that have been going more than one year, I think if you counted bodies instead of entries, the numbers would not have been down for our two matches and in my opinion will bode well for future GSSF matches this year. Unless of course this shortage becomes extremely protracted.

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