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no offense to anyone, but is there really a definitive answer here? main question is dealing with "people" which are the most uncontrollable, unpredictable aspect of any business. sure, make sure you have a "formal written employee policy handbook," and what's the real reason for a "written handbook?"... so a company can prove to state and government agency's they did the correct thing according to their corporate handbook (created by an attorney). nothing but CYA if an employee gets hurt, resigns, never shows up, gets fired etc etc...
sure force feed your managers more mind numbing corporate training. the problem will still exist forever and ever... people are fallible and how we choose / chose to deal with this is via legal documents to make sure the corporation minimizes their losses.
we / corporations create rules for our business for the benefit of the business. i feel for anybody in the "Human Resources" department of ANY company.... it's a mandatory evil.....
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