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Originally Posted by dkf View Post
Have you heard of any of the ammo ammo companies expanding their operations and adding more machinery? Or are they just doing what they usually do, produce what they can with what they have.
Makers of remanufactured ammo and ammo using new brass, like Freedom Munitions, Red River Ammo, and Great Lakes Ammo are at the mercy of their suppliers for components. Freedom is selling out of approx. 500K rounds per week. When 9mm pops up on their website it's selling out on an average of three minutes. They do have a store in Houston, Tx that stays fairly well stocked if you're in that area. I'm at the end of two months waiting for two cases of 9mm from Great Lakes and yesterday received an email that explained...again...the problems in getting sufficient components. They are no longer taking orders for any caliber and are doing their best to fill existing orders. They recently got in an apparently large shipment of both .40 and .45 bullets and will begin filling backorders for those. As for 9mm, they received only one fifth of the bullets needed to fill all their backorders.
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