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Originally Posted by Pier23 View Post
A very good assessment...I don't think we can remove the innovator from his/ear time. Who has had the greater impact: Thomas Edison or Bill Gates? Well, Gates would not have been without Edison, but society has advanced more quickly with Gates.

In a sense, the Browning/Glock question, while a fascinating and fun Internet debate, is comparing two disimilarities.

You are living in a bubble surrounded by the greatness of your own time, in your mind.

Electricity did more that the computer has done. "Advanced" really? Compared to entire manufacturing centers being developed, mass production being made possible on a huge scale. Computers have made existing technologies faster and have made some feasible that wouldn't be but remember we got to the moon without Bill Gates.

They really don't teach history well in schools anymore, perhaps it is because they don't want to hurt little Johnny's feelings by putting his era/generation in perspective.

As it relates to guns, there is no comparison between JMBs lifespan and GGs lifespan. The changes that Browning witnessed were truly gigantic. Since the Glock pistol was developed? Not so much.

No, you really DON'T understand how much Edison, Tesla, and their contemporaries changed the world. You need some history classes.
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