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There's a real problem trying to understand the whole concept beginning thing. Correct me if I misunderstand the current BB theory, but time did not exist before the BB either, not just space, so the question of what happened "prior" to the BB doesn't make sense, let alone 10 sec prior.

The physical laws of the universe we now live in, time, space, didn't apply.

And yet we can't help but ask the question, what happened before, we're unable to fathom the idea of a "time without time". Just like we can't imagine the world of quantum mechanics, it seems nonsensical, it violates common sense, seems impossible, nor can we imagine time slowing down, distances changing based on inertial reference of the observer.

That's the cool thing about science and math, it paints a fantastic picture we cannot have imagined, and eliminates other equally, or less fantastic options that make more sense to us as impossible. It has the means to determine fact from fiction.

Without relying on shifting interpretations of thousands of years old texts..... or mushrooms...


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