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Samsung Smart TV

We just got a Samsung TV that is "smart". I'm new to this new generation of stuff. I like things the laptop/desktop way with a normal browser. I don't like all of this "apps" business and don't know much about them.

Does anyone know what this thing uses for an OS? I figured it would be Android, but the default on the browser is the MSN page. It has a browser, but when I got to Hulu (regular Hulu, not Hulu Plus) I can't click on an icon for an episode of something. For instance, I can browse to The Rockford Files and the same page comes up as it would if I was using FF etc. But when I move the cursor up and down it will skip the icons for the actual episodes so there is no way to click on them. I have to ASSume this is on purpose.

Is there anyway to install a standard version of FF or Chromium or any browser that will let me do anything in terms of surfing the web that I can do with a "normal" computer like Ubuntu would? I'm guessing that the answer for a non-geek like me would be a simple no, but I'm just curious about this device and what can be done with it.

Any other thoughts anyone has on this particular device would be appreciated too.
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