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I'd be willing to bet gun companies make more money from government/LEO contracts than civilian sales. 2A restrictions wouldn't hurt them too badly. I've got my problems with the NRA, but Lefties always look for corporate boogeymen to blame, no matter if there is logic behind it or not. And nevermind that their POTUS is bought and paid for by the big central banks.

No doubt the NRA gets donations from gun companies, it's in their best interest, more people buying guns means more profits, what's wrong with that? Not to mention us being able to buy guns is a natural and Constitutional right. But in no way do I think the NRA is running based soley on the interests of Colt, Glock or whoever. With the amount of members the NRA has, It's unlikely.

In other words.......bull****. Why don't they try looking into the corporate activity of the banks that own their president instead of the ones that sell me my guns?
"The conservative is less concerned with the problem of how the powers of government should be limited than with that of who wields them; like the socialist, he regards himself as entitled to force the value he holds on other people." - Hayek
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