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Originally Posted by BUSHfire View Post
I am Not going to argue with you, Shot the Colt rail gun today along side my buddys Sig (GSG) after roughly 200 rounds each my Colt had 1 FTF and the Sig had 2-3 FTE, 2 FTF, and 4-5 stove pipes. Both guns have roughly the same total round count on them as well.

I am also among the rare that love the P-22 I wore one out after 55-60,000 rounds (it was my 1st 22) and I am now on my second walther P-22 at around 12,000 rounds. I can out shoot any of these 1911-22 guns with it, I do get the occ FTE (1 or 2 -100) but it doesnt bother me seeing how I shoot the piss outta it and never clean it.

With that being said I dont care who make the colts or P-22 and if its the same company then hats off to them from this guy because I shoot a lot of .22LR and I LOVE both of those guns...
That's cool. I'm not arguing.

They work well for some people. I was just commenting on who makes them and what they're built from. To be honest, I don't care for any of the rimfire replica pistols, regardless of who builds them.

I like steel rimfire pistols that were built as rimfires from the ground up, not something modeled after a service gun. That's just an opinion, of course. Many people do like them.

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