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Glock 27

I have a Glock 27, in which the previous owner has had it stored around black powder pistol's, however has not used the same cleaning kit to clean the Glock as was used to clean the black powder pistol. No corrosive ammo was fired in the Glock. The Glock's barrel looks nice and shiny, as if it were brand new.

Now this may be a stupid question, however I'm just wondering this before I use my cleaning kit in which I clean all my other pistols with.

Is it possible that if any corrosive materials did get transferred onto the Glock, that using the same cleaning kit to clean that pistol could cause problems and/or damage to your other gun's when you clean them, or is this unlikely?

I know nothing about corrosive ammo's or powders like those used in old cap and ball guns, so please bear with me. Thanks

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