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Originally Posted by Bluescot View Post
I would think it's unlikely there is anything remaining to hurt the finish or function of you G27.

One of the fun parts about getting a new gun, and especially if it is used, is breaking it down and going through it and giving it a good cleaning. I would break down the slide also and if that is something you haven't done yet go to UTube.

I use a lot of alcohol to do my initial cleaning and scrubbing and that should get rid of any bad stuff on your shooter. Lube lightly and away ya go.
That's the first thing that I did when I got it, when I field stripped the pistol, you could tell that it had been fired in the past by some powder residue here and there, but overall it is almost spotless.

It looks like It has been well taken care of, I can't really detect any sign's of pitting, and I know for a fact that the pistol hasn't been cleaned in at least a month.

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