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Originally Posted by rahrah12 View Post
Did you try the Hulu App?
Like all of these devices, it's "hulu plus" which you have to pay for. The pay part doesn't interest me. There is lots of old re-run stuff for free on hulu, but none of these types of devices seems to allow them to be used.

The more I read on the web about this feature, the less likey I think I am to keep it connected. The things I want to do, and my wife wants to do, just seem to be easier and better through a connected laptop or her phone. She likes to feed Pandora through the home theater sound system. this is causing problems with the unversal remote, the TV, and the receiver. There is a compatibility issue that she hasn't been able to fix yet. The TV, receiver, and remote all try to send the sound out through a different place. But, if she just connects her phone to the receiver, it works fine. She has unlimited data on her phone, so it is just easier to do it that way.
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