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Originally Posted by Comrade Bork View Post
Get your car to run on your moonshine and you can spend all your cash on ammo!
No worry, the government is forcing us to run on moonshine (ethanol) which cost more to make, destroys fuel lines, tanks, and exhaust systems.
It is more corrosive than gas and less efficient which means less MPG. The economy isn't bad enough now.
It destroyed a weed eater and outboard of mine.

I purchased an E85 rated car just because of this. It automatically adjusts the engine depending on the percentage of ethanol in the tank.
E85 is a few cents cheaper per gallon than 15% ethanol fuel or Pure.
I can fill up my car with Pure then make 2 round trips to the indoor range in Beckley, WV,
I tried a tank of E85 and had to stop and fill up on the way back on the first trip to Beckley! Such a deal.

All cars not designed for ethanol use are doomed to the junkyard within a few shot years. Good news for the auto industry.

This forced use of ethanol (from corn) has driven up the price of corn and all products related to corn such as beef, milk, chicken, you name it.

Who is going to be able to buy ammo and ethanol after we are forced to buy new cars in addition to the cost of everything else we use going up drastically?
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