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Never go wrong getting a Ruger.

I have owned 6 Ruger .22 LR pistols in my life.

Two different Ruger Standard (original versions before they had a Mark I, II or III). First one I sold back in the '80s when I hit a rough financial patch.

Replaced the Standard with an identical pistol (4.75" barrel). Shot it for years. Ended up giving to my son when he asked for it.

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Ruger Mark II, SS 6". Installed a Volquartsen sear in it. Most perfect shooting pistol I have ever owned. Operates flawlessly with any ammo and incredible accurate. I will never sell this pistol (my daughter is inheriting this one).

Ruger SR22. Fun, double action pistol. Not as accurate as Mark II (neither is anything else I own). Son wanted it so I let him have it. Really nice pistol.

Ruger Single Six (convertable). Traded a Winchester 94 30-30 for it last year. I feel like I came out ahead on the deal. 50 year anniversary model, never been fired. I fixed that foolishness the following weekend. Neat to shoot, but again it is not a inhumanly accurate as the Mark II. I like it a lot, but could bear to part with it.

Ruger Mark II, 10 shots at 21 feet. Iron sights, off hand, average groupings. I pick different parts of the target for each magazine.

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I am going to be getting a second SR22 as soon as the threaded barrel versions become available. This pistol will make be a perfect suppressor host.

P.S. Does is say something bad about me that I can spell Volquartsen correctly without having to look it up?
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