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Originally Posted by CA_DUDE View Post
Hell if I know. Point is, time has clearly shown that Beretta is clearly the best pistol out there. CLEARLY.
It had a hell of a war time service, that's for damn sure. Going on ten years now in a harsh environment. However, I'm sure that XDs and Glocks and SWs are just as comparable with their own records of war time services. CLEARLY.

And we all know that a small number of trial firearms is clearly indicative of the performance of their respective model across the board.
Gotta start somewhere. Unless you think it's realistic that whenever Uncle Sam puts out a trial, it should be with 2000-specimens per manufacturer?

And furthermore we all know and wholeheartedly believe that the whole trial came down to which gun fired more rounds before breaking down. There was no consideration to unit cost, parts cost, or any other sort of financial issues.
Usually when Uncle Sam puts out a bid, there usually is a price cap.

We all know that the USMC get's whatever they want, not matter the price.
I thought that only the Special Forces and Navy SEAL units get to do that?

Frankly I don't care what pistol won. I have an MC Op that I couldn't be more satisfied with. Did I fight back tears and contemplate unloading it when I found out it lost in the trial? Not for a second. If I had Colt Rail Gun would I have rubbed it in everyone's face as being clearly superior? The mall ninja in me says "hells yeah", but damn that's so lame.
You do what you gotta do, cowboy.

My point is just that if you truly believe any given firearms is used by said agency because it is clearly the best, I'll have some of what your smoking. The Corps has used SA parts for years to keep the MEU/SOC guns in the game. Must not be to bad then right?
I couldn't care less which cool units carry what. I buy my guns based on my wants and my needs. However, we're talking about Colt versus Springfield in this trial. Colt won. Tough luck.

All the crying and whining (maybe not by you but by others) isn't going to change the fact that Colt won and Springfield lost.
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