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Originally Posted by Jason D View Post
I'm not sure how old your daughter is, but some of the steel pistols on the market weigh as much as a larger counterpart.

The MKIII Ruger weighs in at about 42 oz. An older child may have an easier time with it, but not a younger one. The 22/45 or even the aluminum upper version would be better for a shooter under say 10 years old. Ruger pistols are easily upgradeable for triggers, sights, and whatnot. They also come with rails and mounting screws for an electronic site if you want to go that route.
Haha, I actually meant my girlfriend but I did say just girl in the initial post. Oops. But she does have a 13 year old daughter that I want to teach to shoot sometime. But first we will work with the pellet guns in the garage before bringing her to the range.

And those MKIIs and IIIs do look very appealing to me. I would love something suppressed one day too.
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