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I know you can't go wrong with any of the above guns. My wife didn't care for the recoil of the 9 mm I bought her so I bought her this Ruger SR22. A great trainer for her as she's getting to like her 9mm better. After owning this Ruger SR22 for about a year and running over 1000 rounds through it, we have had no issues or regrets. It's light weight, accurate for a short barrel, feels good, reliable with any ammo we've tried, easily stripped/cleaned, comes with an extra sleeve and mag and this all makes it a very fun gun to shoot. My 8 and 11 yr. old grandkids love it too. I added a low priced Center Point laser from Walmart which has made a great gun better. Has pressure switch between trigger guard making it protrude past muzzle but that keeps lens cleaner longer.
If possible, borrow or rent a handgun before you buy.
Enjoy your new .22!
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