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Arming the wife

1st some stats.
We have been married 22 years.
We are both retired military.
She retired as a 1st Sgt USAF
She has both her small arms ribbons.
She has owned a small frame Colt revolver for ever and is her "night stand" gun.
She is not shy about guns, but again is not eat up with them like i might be. Just saying some things.

She has decided the G26 is a better platform than her 38sp and is even gettin in line to buy one.

I don''t want her to leave it in her night stand, I want her to have it when she needs it. I guess I want to know how "girls" carry. I'm not sure i like the purse carry because that can be to easily separated from her. Then you lost your wallet and your gun.

So lets start the discussion. I'm hoping to hear from the more gentile of the GT community.
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