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I know A LOT OF WOMEN who carry pistols. As long as women are women it's going to be impossible to get a majority of them not to use their shoulder bags and purses in order to carry guns. The vast majority are going to carry their EDC's this way - Including my (former) sister-in-law who is a state police detective and carries a large S&W 686, 'snub-nose' inside a Galco handbag.

Try to get many women to carry on their waist and you're going to hear things like: 'It makes me look fat!' 'It makes my hips look too large.' and, 'It's always getting in the way.' Not too long ago I was out to dinner with a local police detective and his wife. During the meal she began bragging about her Walther P99-AS; and during the course of the conversation she reached for her handbag, opened it, and gave me a peek.

(I wasn't surprised to see it there!)

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