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Originally Posted by Detectorist View Post
Since you said BPs are "dangerous", what would you have folks do for chest?

How do you know your innovative method works?
It works because I have used it. And others I've known used it. It's mind blowing the results.
Also there have been books written on it that take this approach.
I'm not saying its the only one that will work. I'm saying it produces better results than other methods. And the upside is better results giving one lots of time for other things.
Bench presses are more of a shoulder and arm excerise. The chest is secondary. Lots of other more effective chest exercises. Pick one that you like.
Dead lifts should absolutely be done once a week not a better exercise out there. You will be increasing the weight the FIRST WEEK. GUARANTEED. no better proof than that. Water and diet ARE A MUST.
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