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Originally Posted by Hoochrunners View Post
I've never been to Family Shooting Academy, paying $23/hr to shoot isn't my cup of tea.
I have the $25 annual membership so it costs me $17 per hour and $10 for a second shooter in the same lane. This means that 2 shooters can go an hour for $14ish each. This is nice when the snow is blowing or you do not want to walk 50 yards in the mud puddles to set up your targets outside after driving 20 minutes one way. I can drive less than 5 minutes and get in and get out then back to the rest of my day. Time savings (and convenience) is worth the cost. I have been there 4 times in the past year.

Originally Posted by Hoochrunners View Post
FSA rules from their website: Shoot any handgun. Shoot your shotgun. Rifles up to .308 are welcome as well (no magnum, 30-06, .50BMG ... ask us if unsure).
Shotguns are no longer welcome. Idiots wrecking things...
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