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Originally Posted by Stock Perfection View Post
And remember, if that pistol ever starts feeling a little heavy, todays .380s will serve you well in a self defense situation for a fraction of the weight.
Thanks! I am taking a second look at .380s now. I picked up a H&K USP Compact in .40 last month for a potential CCW. I used to be of the opinion that a 9mm was 'just enough gun' and .40S&W was probably ideal. But today's loads and designs really make the difference. My wife of 10 years has finally decided she'd like to learn to shoot, so smaller calibers(just picked up a single-action .22) have been on my mind.

Shooting the Glock came back to me quite easily, although not as on target as I'd wanted. Practice,practice, practice.
The H&K felt good in my hands but I'll need some work to be proficient with it.
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