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Originally Posted by edteach View Post
I got 1000 rounds of this stuf. It was so inaccurate at 100 yds and the jacket kept fragmenting I had to quit shooting it. I also had one bullet take out a piece of my AK74 compensator. I tried to call SGAmmo and it goes to answering machine first ring. I left a message and also several emails, nothing yet. I am not sure this is OK to shoot.
Which brand? Golden Tiger or the demilled stuff? If it's GT you can contact them directly as they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will refund your money for the unused ammo you have left when you send it back to them. At least that's what their website claims.

If it's the demilled stuff you're probably SOL unless SGAmmo will do something about it, which I doubt.

ETA: According to their site, SGAmmo does take returns on defective merchandise. Not sure if that applies to demilled ammo made in the 70's. If it's GT they should help you out.

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